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i dunno i just felt like posting this song again

it’s my song “phoenix”

it’s been a long time since i posted this song and after tweaking it a bit it FINALLY SOUNDS BETTER

New Song: “Raise the White Banner”. Co-written with my friend Ryan Wassenaar.

I’m uploading this again because this version sounds a bit better. 



It was always overwhelming
In the arboretum square
As the flowers seemed to bloom just for you
In the sentimental evening
As the wind played with your hair
We could run but we wouldn’t dare

We lit fires in the basement
And they burned for all to see
As the ashes dyed the snow a dusty grey
As the night winds turned to silence
In the battle overhead
Where we laid to rest these feelings long since dead

I’m not one to just give in without a fight
But I couldn’t see a reason
And as the night gave way to a shattered morning light
I surrendered
Oh I surrendered

It was sort of underwhelming
In the pile of broken glass
As the weeds grew in and took over the yard
I could try to take the high road
But you beat me in the rush
And the crowd of neighbors jeered a whispered hush

On the edge of sound and silence
Out of many there came one
And the sun revived to shine another day
But the road was torn to pieces
As we went our separate ways
And we knew that things would never be the same

I’m not one to just give in without a fight
But I couldn’t see a reason
And as the night gave way to a shattered morning light
I surrendered
Oh I surrendered

And it never ends
With our two conflicting interests
It never ends
In this cycle of forgiveness
It never ends
For the ones who chose to end this
It never ends
It never ends

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New Eothl song - “Kaleidoscopic Luminary”

The last naming convention was two word titles both starting with the same letter. Now it’s two word titles starting with adjacent letters.


The entire Eothl OST, as of today (5.8.2014).

Hey looked I finished the Eothl alphabet

On to the next naming convention

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New Eothl song - “Juniper Jukebox”

This took a good month before the pieces finally fell together. Now it is done.

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"Ascension" - an ambient track for guitar and bass, with help from paulstretch.

New Song: “Sonde”

For my last song of 2013 I give you one of the very few songs I’ve written in my constructed language, Toĵan. Hope you enjoy!

For what it’s worth, I’ll post the lyrics. There’s no translation, though; Toĵan has a phonology, alphabet, and the outlines of a grammar but very little in the way of a vocabulary so it’s mostly just for sound.


Eváladrir na te viþranden
Mo štíkoši dy vite nanden,
Éķori al diĵetana
Distona viķe, ma þregana.
Zuro maštie viķe nerĵi,
Va rike salver na zi verĵi,
On sovi naštia dire andan:
Na vaķa rinte o štieri nervan.

Fen tarašia ne virongar,
Oķori taĵia ne vikurar.
Ádrasinde nake tu viel,
Ongata rine þadĵia na ķel,
Mikre natie vy eķuri:
Diestenoz adre ma ķivelši.
Sonde rintio ĵier etrandy,
A krante þeķur o ĵirany.

Ekran da sane šeri sura!
O vaķa na tulevi tura!
Orasa ni ekran de sute,
Die vatra naķe ra tiþere!
Do ševa natia rige no val,
Ze ture naķe ratiaĵiral,
Orata se no vate made,
Ira na ĵeþura na sonde!
Na sonde, na sonde.

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New Eothl song (probably) - “Kindled Kinesthetics”

Not sure what to use it for but NINE MARIMBAS.

(use some nice bass-capable headphones cause marimbas get muddy in their bass range)

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This is a piece I wrote a while back in 2009 for percussion ensemble, called “Cuneiform”.

For those wondering, instruments are timpani, bass drum, crotales, chimes, gong, xylophone, glockenspiel, marimba, and vibraphone.

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New Eothl music: “Norbert’s Nexus”

Norbert’s theme has been no less than ten completely different pieces of music but this is not only the first one I’ve completed but the only one of them that I actually like.  

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this strange little piece of music as much as I do.


New song: “Declaration”

IT’S FINALLY FINISHED. This one’s been sitting on the shelf for about a month or so and it’s finally done.

The clarinet is played by my friend Heather, who is awesome.


Through all the years we sang our song,
For every day we laughed together,
A hundred years could come and go
And still I would say:
Ev’ry last breath of each day I give to you.

And should the tide come crashing down
I’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth,
And even over the moon to paradise.
And when we see its splendid gates
I’ll take your hand and leap inside,
Abandoning our foolish pride
Forever more.

And when that day has finally come,
We’ll know our trials will not have been in vain.
And even when the struggles of life are ended,
Yes, still I will say,
Ev’ry last breath of each day I give to you.

So take me away to the final frontier;
As long as I’m with you,
I don’t have a thing to fear.
And in the gleam of your light
I’ll take your hand in mine.
And should we be abandoned by our paradise,
Don’t be afraid: I’m by your side.

i wanted to post some new music but since i have none to post, here’s some old new music.

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New music for Skeptical: “Pazienza Pacifico”

Possibly a theme for Slon?

(Apologies if I butchered Italian. The most of the language I know is what I learned from being a musician.)

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So my friends have a webcomic called Skeptical which is cool and you guys should go read it.

So now I present to you the first piece of music for Skeptical: “In Limbo”

The entire Eothl OST, as of today (8.31.13).

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New Eothl music: “Gill’s Goods”.

Gill is the game’s merchant and this is the theme for his shop.

(2nd attempt. The organ was supposed to be a lead instrument, not a background chill kinda thing. Now I’m afraid that people are gonna prefer the other one.)

bringing this back because i was listening to it earlier while playing along with the bass guitar part and i had a mini dance concert in my bedroom.