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New song: “Endgame”

Many thanks to Heather Moore (piano) and Alix Reineck (vocals). You may want to turn up the volume a bit on this one, get some headphones, turn down the lights, etc.

Dedicated to M.L.



Now is it the end? Is this the final time we speak?
Please, don’t go away, don’t leave me here, I’m still too weak.

I am still afraid; will I ever find the way?
Or am I too naïve? Will I just run and hide?
What’s left to sacrifice if you’ve been taken away?

Now the time has come, we can’t delay this anymore.
Things won’t be the same, we won’t live like we did before.

Or is it still a dream? Is all of this not real?
Will I just wake up and remember how I feel
When I’m in your arms that used to be so strong?
And will the years of pain finally be healed? 

Now this is the end, this is the final time we speak.
Please, don’t be afraid. I promise I won’t be weak.