the lair of dr vblschrf

nobody’s reblogged or liked my super popular audio post since wednesday

new record


cuddle me or give me cash either is acceptable 

My mom was joking that we should clone her friend Gene so he can be in two places at once

Before I could even register the genetics pun there my brain immediately set of the emergency sirens cause…well, those of you who’ve actually met Gene will know that this is NOT a thing that should EVER happen.

slept in the evening but awake now…


perfect what more could you possibly need

a plane ticket. also i need to learn either russian, mongolian, kazakh, or kyrgyz…

but at least i have the flags!

it a sign

perhaps so. i’m already prepared:

why is it that when i have a dream about travel it’s always to central asia

this time it was mongolia, last time it was kyrgyzstan

what is going on


i figured it was about time to get this particular ball rollin’ 

due to my very bad social anxiety, it is really really hard for me to get a job, as most of them require a great deal of human interaction, which i cannot mentally or even physically handle. but, i still need some source of income, so,

that’s where commissions come in

Prices (listed again for convenience+extra info):

  • Sketches: $5 busts/$8 full body +$4 per extra character
  • Colored sketches: $8 busts/$10 full body +$5 per extra character
  • Line-art: $10 busts/$15 full body +$7 per extra
  • Colored Line-art (plain bg): $15 busts/$20-25 full body depending on complexity, +$10 per extra character
  • Colored Line-art (actual bg): $25-30 depending on complexity, +$15 per extra character
  • MS Paint (B+W):  $20-25, depending on complexity
  • MS Paint (color): $25-30, depending on complexity

I will not draw any sort of porn; but I will draw gore, furry, animals in general, robots, body horror, etc., pretty much anything that’s not nsfw. However, If you ask for something with a subject that I don’t feel comfortable drawing, I will let you know.

I only accept payment through PayPal as of right now; my email for it is, and you can contact me through there or through I’d much rather prefer if you contacted me through email than through tumblr messages! 

reblogs/signal boosts are equally appreciated as well!! thank you, and let me know if i missed anything. i’m pretty new to taking online commissions so if anyone has any extra advice that would be wonderful!

man what did i even DO in high school

who did i even hang out with

my mom thinks that android’s default smilies are “cute little green bugs” and that’s adorable

just got a spam email from someone claiming to be ban ki-moon. you know, the secretary general of the united nations.

they know

tuned in to the world cup and instead of a soccer game i saw a massacre




slept from like 9 to 2:30 and have been awake since

uuuuugh why can’t i sleep like a normal person