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Apr 24

fahraemizta replied to your post “[[MOR]i don’t want to be alone. i’d go out and roam about but it’s…”

ill have my car next week for sure!! want to go get lunch sometime? its been a while, :) plus emi!!

sure. tuesday is the best day for that, pretty busy most of the rest of the week.

Apr 23

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feeling pretty rotten tonight

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okay who has a crush on me fess up 

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I have tons of homework but funimation said I should be watching

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Apr 22

fahraemizta asked: Daisy carnation Orange blossom allium

all together this sounds like someone’s name.

how old was i when i had my first kiss? 15.
if i got a concert ticket right now who would i want to be the performer? sigur ros. if not them then radiohead.
what’s the best thing i can cook? enchiladas.
if i could pick the gender and appearance of my child would i? no. that’s not really for me to decide, and while i’d prefer a girl (only because i’ve always had trouble relating to guys in general) it doesn’t really matter. same deal with appearance.

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faah-sung replied to your post:I WANT TO DO SOMETHING
do my french hw plz

mais vous n’apprendrez pas! 


To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.










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Apr 21

*growls in frustration*

i want to go to sleep. but i can’t fall asleep (in part because i have trouble with it and in part because of stomach being a jerk).

of course posting about not getting to sleep on tumblr is totally going to help but still

i was reading up on one of my city’s high schools and their international baccalaureate program (my school had mun instead of ib) and one of the requirements was a 4000 word extended essay. that’s about 11 double spaced pages in times new roman, for those needing a sense of scale.

my first reaction was “oh, 4000 words? that’s adorable.” granted, that’s a lot for a high school student - my longest essay asked of me in high school was 8 pages - but my 14,541-word undergraduate thesis has sort of ruined my sense of perspective regarding essays…