the lair of dr vblschrf

Oct 18

i felt alright earlier now i just feel really sick

i wish i could remember what being healthy was like

Oct 17



x - i am not interested in you romantically/platonically
0 - i would like to get to know you better
~ -i am interested in you platonically
 -i am interested in you romantically
☆- i want to date you
! - i would date you if i had the chance
/ - i would never date you
? - you interest me
# - i consider you a friend

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Oct 16

this table at work is trying to tell me to play more smash

who am i to disagree

this table at work is trying to tell me to play more smash

who am i to disagree

I think I have a problem

I think I have a problem

Oct 15

me when watching league sports:

me when watching international sports:

Oct 14

i’m going to enjoy today’s more autumn-like weather for the few days we’re supposed to have it until summer comes back again

i want to go stargazing. somewhere really dark so you can actually see everything. then just lay outside and drift off to sleep while at the night sky.

ginko cosplay shirt-finding progress

the shirt i need:

shirt i found, that fits, with the wrong collar. not sure if cutting the collar off would help me here:

shirt i found with the right collar that would never fit me in a million years:

shirts with the right collar and color that would fit me:

Oct 13

every so often my mom will come up to me, her tablet in hand, asking me to find an episode of a tv show which she’ll describe by a single event in the plot since that’s all she remembers.

she does this with star trek (original series and next generation) and mlp:fim and between just those three shows that’s 348 episodes i have memorized

what am i doing with my life

list of stuff needed still for ginko cosplay (for self reference)

stuff for ginko cosplay that i have

stuff for ginko that i don’t have that’s easy to get

stuff for ginko that may be hard to get or that i’ll have to make

Oct 12

And all of a sudden, I feel really sick/in pain.


yeah so i think it’s time i cosplay ginko from mushishi

i’m gonna do it


how the heck do i make the box/backpack thing

at work we’re having trouble with the light fixtures and the bathroom light is flickering dimly like a strobe light every time anyone turns it on.

so i put a sign on the door explaining that the light flickers and the upshot of it is that ours is probably the only bathroom in the world with an epilepsy warning.